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The Nature and Objective of fieldwork placement
Fieldwork placement is an integral part of social work education with the emphasis on "learning through doing". In fieldwork, the student, although a learner, is at the same Time dealing directly with life situations. He/she works in a social work agency under The guidance of a fieldwork supervisor and is expected to deliver social work service, commensurate with agency services. Fieldwork placement gives students opportunities to incorporate theoretical knowledge into social work practice, especially in the following areas:

  1. Demonstrating social work principles and values in their actions and attitudes;
  2. Testing out practice theories and models, and developing practice skills;
  3. Enhancing self-understanding, in order to maximize individual potential and changing behaviours that hamper effective practice;
  4. Developing their own personal style of work, within the bounds of professional practice.

Courses Outline:
SOWK4006 Field work placement I
SOWK4007 Field work placement II
SOWK6225 Field placement I
SOWK6231 Field placement II

Placement Schedule 2019-20 BSW & MSW
Placement Schedule 2020-21 BSW & MSW